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IVF Athens Center is a hi-tech fertility clinic which offers safe, compassionate, affordable, stress free and successful infertility treatment experience that enables childless persons to feel the happiness of parenthood and to receive first-class, quality-driven, patient-centered integrated fertility services in Athens, Greece.

In order to achieve this we, at IVF Athens Center, have invested to People, Integration, Innovation and Value-based services.


Our team is inspired by empathy and sincerity and consists of long-experienced infertility gynecologists, accredited embryologists, skillful midwives and dedicated administration people, as our Chief Listening Officer (CLO).

At IVF Athens Center we are inspired by empathy and sincerity. We have agreed in code of ethics in which is in embedded the 5As principles:

  • Availability: whether required healthcare services are available,
  • Adequacy: adequate and continued supply of integrated healthcare services for IVF, diet, and psychology,
  • Accessibility: no waiting lists, 24/7/365 consultation,
  • Affordability: value-based healthcare, excellent quality /price ratio,
  • Appropriateness: personalized treatment for better outcomes.

We treat patients with infertility problems not pregnancy rates! We are proud for our high IVF pregnancy rates in different categories.

Our trained and skilled Listening Officers will surround you with a confidential and constant care and support prior to an IVF cycle, during the treatment and after the treatment, at home.

We recognize and are committed to policies and processes that respect the individual rights of all patients. We are educated and respectful of patient’s rights when delivering consultation and medical and biological services and will ensure that we respect patients’ culture and lifestyle.

We are compiled and respectful to the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) [Regulation (EU) 2016/679].



Individualised treatment, close to personal needs reduces all stress IVF treatment may cause. Our integrated care model is based on communication, dedication, transparency, respect. All services under one roof, 365/24/7.


Our motto is what Hippocrates (460 BC – 370 BC) already said: “It is more important to know the patient who has the disease than the disease the patient has.”

At IVF Athens Center we believe that each patient is unique and deserves a tailor made IVF treatment protocol. Our 365/24/7 service ensures that the timing of critical events such as egg collection or embryo transfer may occur when it is best for you rather than the center. We respect your time and we understand work priorities and childcare or general family responsibilities.

All people have access to our services and we welcome advanced age women as well as same sex couples and single women. We do not push people towards IVF treatment if this is not necessary. We believe in transparency and provide information to everyone in order to understand the specific fertility problem.

We want to know you and the fertility problem. We are not a fertility mill and you are not seen as a number! For us you are unique and you deserve an integrated care with the same core staff: the same midwife, the same embryologist, the same assisting gynecologist, the same CLO.


State-of-the-art technology and lab equipment is combined with cutting edge care not only following but also participating in IVF research.

Innovation requests quality and measuring outcomes to accelerate improvement. We are proud to have experienced embryologists with European accreditation through ESHRE who run a state-of-the-art ART (assisted reproductive technology) laboratory.

We are in the cutting edge of technology and we do participate in various IVF research protocols. No expenses are spared what our lab is concerned. Thus we increase the possibilities of IVF success.

Basis for all innovative approaches remains for us quality and compliance o national and European standards. Following European legislation, in Greece operates an independent authority for IVF effective March 2014. The Greek National Authority of Assisted Reproduction is a national body that introduces and controls the scientific, legal and moral frame in which all clinics and organizations related to assisted reproduction are functioning. The common frame in which the various Fertility and Assisted Reproduction Clinics practice, guarantees to women and couples that the services obtained are reliable and therefore trustworthy. IVF Athens Center is listed in the official list of the above Authority, published in the following link: //eaiya.gov.gr/en/information/licensed/. Our center has been certified for EN ISO 9001:2008. Last year we advanced the level of our quality standards receiving the certification for EN 15224:2012 from TÜV AUSTRIA with verification no: 0117372062272.



Affordable high quality IVF treatment means that we create unique value by offering solutions for patients, we treat Infertility over the full cycle of care by aligning financial and medical success.

Valued Based Services

IVF Athens Center brings together a team of highly experienced fertility experts, who provide affordable IVF therapies in order to help you achieve your dream of having a baby.

At IVF Athens Center we believe that everyone should have access to ‘a little extra’ help with starting their family, without stress caused by financial strains or waiting lists. We do offer affordable high quality IVF treatments through our integrated standardized approach to treatments, while maintaining high-quality standards of care. Our true intention is to create value and to align financial and medical success.

By providing patient-centered care 365/24/7 and all potential IVF options under one roof we eliminate financial and other resources, offering stress free IVF process. We do schedule treatments during weekends and continuous care in any step for 365 days & on duty 24/7. Our experienced team offer IVF care over the full cycle of IVF care under one roof. Consultations, ultrasound monitoring, lab testing, embryo transfer, full-equipped operation theatre, hysteroscopy, ovum pick up, HSG, medications are offered personalized to you in one place.

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