About Us


Our duty, firstly and foremostly, is founded upon a paramount respect for the infertile couple. We are proud that so far more than 3,000 children have been born as a result of our efforts. For years we have dedicated ourselves to the problems of infertile couples, our first principle being the provision of real, honest, and qualitative help to those in need, within the guiding framework of scientific consistency and ethics.The constant adaptation of the IVF Athens Center to continuous developments in science, our excellent infrastructure, the familiar and friendly environment as well as the highly trained manpower – doctors and staff – afford us the ideal conditions in which to counsel and guide infertile couples who come to us to the achievement of their goal, safely and responsibly.

Our facilities are located in a central avenue of Athens, a stone’s throw from two of the city’s largest private maternity clinics which provide additional security to the couple and exceed the standards of laboratory compliance .The Center has an Embryology & Andrology laboratory as well as a fully equipped operating room, all certified according to ISO 9001 certification.

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