Egg Donation


Egg Donation Process

The decision to receive genetic material from a donor is a very sensitive issue that demands thorough attention and examination. Our extensive experience guarantees that all legal and health related aspects are covered and there is anonymous and discreet handling of every patient or donor. Couples travelling from overseas will receive, apart from meticulous therapeutic aid, an all-inclusive treatment including accommodation and transportation.

The Egg Donation Process typically starts with an initial consultation for the couple that can be performed over the phone, through Skype, or in our fertility clinic, so you can meet our team and get familiar with the place. We will explain the entire process, go through your medical history and advise you whether Egg Donation is the appropriate choice for you. All other relevant issues, including the cost, will be discussed.

Women should have the ultrasound monitoring of their uterine lining either the same day in the clinic, or in their home area and both partners will be given certain blood tests that are required for the procedure.

After the initial steps are completed there are usually 2 options for the couple:

  1. The husband needs to be here the day prior to the donor’s egg retrieval to give us a semen sample for analysis. The sample can also be frozen for later use. The wife can come the day prior to the embryo transfer.
  2. Both partners can travel to Athens and stay all through the procedure (extended stay): egg retrieval and embryo transfer. This option typically takes up to 2 weeks, always depending on when the donor will start her ovarian stimulation.

After the Embryo Transfer, the woman remains in bed for about half an hour and then she may return home, where along with the appropriate medication, she should rest and limit the activities that cause physical tiredness. Therefore, we suggest that you stay in Athens 1 or 2 more days after the Embryo transfer.
In case of past recurrent miscarriages or post-ultrasound indications (polyps, fibroids etc), we suggest that you do a hysteroscopy in order to better examine the inside of the uterus.

Egg donation

The Egg Donation Process – Cycle

In order to prepare the mother’s body for pregnancy, the hormones must be medically induced. After the hormonal evaluation, you will be administered estrogen and other supplements to prepare the endometrium. This is done in sync with your egg donor starting her medication for ovarian stimulation, or will be determined by your personalized protocol. Through frequent blood testing and ultrasounds check- ups we can monitor your uterine lining to ensure perfect receptivity for your embryos. If you prefer, the blood tests and ultrasounds can be performed in your country and be e-mailed to us.

The day your donor’s eggs are retrieved, a semen specimen will be provided from your partner to fertilize the fresh oocytes, or we can use a frozen and thawed semen sample he has already provided. You will also be given a Progesterone injection or vaginal suppository on that day. Approximately three (3) to five (5) days after the fertilization, the embryos are transferred to your uterus. You will be asked to have a pregnancy test on day ten (10) to twelve (12), to check whether the implantation of the embryo was successful. If it is positive, you will need to continue the estrogen and progesterone for two more months. Depending on your protocol you may also be administered supplementary medication.

We are here to answer any questions and discuss with you.

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