Whether administering IVF medication to stimulate the ovaries or proceed in a natural cycle, our specialists monitor your cycle with frequent Ultrasound scans.

Ovulation Induction involves the use of IVF treatment medication to stimulate the ovaries into producing more follicles and is a completely personalized procedure for every patient.

The IVF Egg Retrieval procedure is scheduled when your follicles have reached the right size and maturity.

The Fertilization of the eggs is either done with the method of the classic In Vitro Fertilization (IVF treatment) or with the method of artificial insemination – microinsemination (Intracytoplasmic Sperm Injection – ICSI)

The embryos breaking out of their protective cover (Zona Pellucida) is a critical step in their development and can be assisted, if necessary, to increase chances of implantation.

Egg freezing involves the collection, cryopreservation and storage of your oocytes and ensures your fertility for the future, or anytime you feel ready to have a family.

Thanks to Pre-implantation Genetic Diagnosis embryos with chromosomal abnormalities and genetic diseases can be detected and precluded, during an IVF treatment, so that only the healthy ones will be selected for the embryotransfer.

With non-invasive and continuous Microscopic Monitoring of the embryos (Time-Lapse), we are able to receive crucial information regarding their development.

It is the final step of the IVF process, where the fertilized embryos are transferred into the uterus with precision, under ultrasound guidance.

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