Psychological Support & Counseling


Psychological Support & Counseling

In-vitro fertilization (IVF) is a process which gives couples faced with reproductive issues the chance to become parents.  Constant research and developments in this field render a positive outcome increasingly likely.

Nevertheless, IVF is a process which is psychologically draining to both partners.  A couple turning to IVF in order to achieve their dream of having a child is usually already mentally exhausted from months or even years of unsuccessful efforts.  This is compounded by the stress and fears surrounding the procedures and outcome of IVF, as well as the effect that hormonal changes will inevitably have on the woman’s psychological state.  Further, when the infertility is pinpointed as resulting from one of the two partners, it is very likely that blame will be assigned, even subconsciously, on the part of the other partner.  This puts the relationship in great peril.

  • Psychological support during IVF is extremely beneficial for the following reasons:
  • Both partners are assisted in managing their stress and negative feelings through training in various relaxation techniques
  • The couple’s relationship is fortified against the various stressors of the situation they find themselves in
  • In the case of an unsuccessful IVF cycle or loss of a pregnancy, feelings of grief and helplessness are more effectively processed, giving the couple the strength to continue with their IVF efforts until they achieve their goal
  • The couple is supported to make any difficult, complex decisions in a calmer, more clear-headed way
  • Both partners are taught how to manage external pressures, e.g. from their family or social circle, thus reducing the negative emotions these pressures produce
  • During pregnancy, the expectant mother is assisted in processing and dealing with the stress, fear, anxiety, depressed mood etc. which result both from the heightened psychological strain of the situation, as well as from the natural fluctuation of hormone levels which occurs as a result of her expectant state
Psychological Support & Counseling

In conclusion, psychological support during all stages of IVF is valuable, as it reduces negative psychological symptoms in both partners and-perhaps even more importantly-protects the relationship between them.

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