Our People

About Us


We are proud to have brought together a team of experts with the highest level of scientific skills and long experience in the treatment of infertility. Everyone in our staff – doctors, embryologists, midwives and administrative staff – is strictly devoted to the highest purpose we serve, ensuring that we meet all the needs of the couples that come to us with responsibility and above all humanity.


Our Physicians empathize strongly with the patient/couple and are dedicated to explain diagnosis and treatment clearly after a thorough investigation. They give each patient/couple choices based on well-explained treatment options and outcomes, while have the ethos to acknowledge possible limitations. They are committed to following quality medical procedures at all times.


Other Specialties


Our team of embryologists is aligned behind a clear set of values: doing everything possible to help patients accomplish their parenthood dream, following quality laboratory procedures constantly, being honest and transparent by providing clear explanations and communicating probable deviations immediately.

Midwives & Nurses

Midwifes at IVF Athens International Center are of this professional caliber that allows them to understand patient’s / couple’s worries and nervousness. They’re more than willing to help, explain procedures and treat the patient according to her personal needs.


Our experienced therapists are here to assist the couple/patient in managing stress, anxiety, depressed mood as well as pressures from family or social circle. They are equipped with a deep understanding of patient’s/couple’s mental and emotional state and they support them in every step of the process.

Administrative Department

Our patient coordinators are excellent listeners, eager to help patients/couple with arranging all details of their travel to IVF Athens Center, informing them on the process, scheduling appointments at patient’s convenience, and, eventually, making the journey to parenthood as smooth as possible.

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