Egg Collection


Egg Collection

The stimulation is complete when the follicles reach the right size (a diameter between 18 and 20mm) and in this way the day and time of the egg collection is specified.

The egg collection is performed transvaginally with the aid of ultrasound monitoring and under the influence of light anaesthesia (without general anaesthesia).

The procedure is painless and it requires only a rest of 30 minutes to 1 hour after its completion. On the same day the husband’s semen is also collected in a specially designed place (men’s room).

The sample is then properly processed so as to perform the fertilization.

Egg Collection

Frequently Asked Questions about

Egg harvesting

How is egg harvesting realized?

Egg harvesting is the stage of collecting eggs from the ovaries. During this process, the doctor uses a specialized, fine needle to suction the content of the egg follicles, which are the ova. The process is continuously monitored with the help of a transvaginal ultrasound so that there is constant control. After that, the ova that have been suctioned are handed to the embryological laboratory to be either fertilized or frozen.

Is egg harvesting a painful process?

No, the process is painless and is realized under the influence of mild anesthesia (conscious/mild sedation).

SectionWhat is the required recuperation period after egg harvesting?

After the egg harvesting process, the woman will remain in bed for about one hour. After she gets up, the consulting doctor will give her instructions regarding her medication (antibiotics) as well as advice on the dietary program that is recommended for her to have in the following days.

When is egg harvesting considered successful?

The process of egg harvesting is successful when a sufficient number of ova are produced, which are considered “mature” so that the fertilization process can follow in the Embryological Laboratory.

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