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Chief Listening Officer

At IVF Athens Center we feel and understand how critical is for each patient to have a stress-free, smooth experience throughout the entire process. Our aim is to support you in any way possible, by taking care of all details and saving you time and energy so that you have nothing to focus on but your treatment.

In order to ensure this we are the first and only IVF clinic in Greece to introduce a Chief Listening Officer (CLO). CLO is your dedicated aide who will be at your side from the very first day to make your journey to parenthood as relaxing and as easy as possible.

Our English-speaking professional is an excellent listener who understands the needs of the patient and his/her companion. Among others she is tasked with:

  • Arranging medical records transfer and communicating required pre-arrival diagnostic testing with the patient’s local physician, laboratory and imaging services
  • Scheduling new and returning patient appointments for patients who reside outside Athens
  • Providing assistance with clinic requirements, forms and documentation
  • Scheduling phone consultations at patient’s convenience
  • Informing patient and his/her companion constantly on process and treatment schedule
  • Advising on planning your own travel itinerary; suggesting a travel package tailored to your needs, wants and budget
  • Organizing ground transfers to our facility and books accommodation at our partners’ hotels and guest accommodations
  • Serving as destination services coordinator while in Athens

Our Chief Listening Officer is available to listen to your concerns, questions and comments. You may contact her directly at +30 6983073982 any weekday from 10am to 8pm (UTC+3h, GMT+2h), or by e-mail at

She may also contact you by phone, free of charge and with no further engagements or obligations, by filling in your phone number here .

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