At IVF Athens Center we are committed to offering excellent quality personalized patient-centered medical and biological services in a stress free environment. This has to do also with finances.

Personalized care leads to a variation of costs depending on the individual’s treatment plan. In our philosophy there is a fixed cost including everything needed for a fertility treatment with the exception of medication. In order to achieve minimized cost of treatment while offering excellent level of care we offer a series of Fertility Treatment Programs.

IVF medication costs are not included in any IVF cycle costs and can vary, depending on the medication dosage your doctor prescribes for you. In any case be sure that we shall assist you in order to find the best cost effective way to purchase your medication needed.

Payment Requirements

Our Chief Listening Officer is committed to give a financial quote based on the medical and biological team’s instruction prior to treatment. The personalized quote will include all necessary information in details regarding treatment, medication and cryopreservation costs in order to allow you to structure your preferences and arrange your finances.

Payment options

IVF Athens Center accepts cash, credit and debit cards, bank drafts.

Elective freeze all

Should the medical team recommend that all embryos are frozen for transfer at a later date, there will be no charge for the first transfer of frozen embryos. All medication required for this future transfer will be additional.


There is an annual fee for the cryopreservation of any genetic material retrieved. In IVF Athens Center the embryo conservation for the first year has no additional cost.

Further information

In case of any questions regarding finance issues please contact Konstantina Tzenou, Chief Listening Officer at: or call on +30 6983073982.

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