Thankful Parents


“Η καλή μέρα από το πρωί φαίνεται”. Our beautiful day started by visiting IVF Athens Center. A very warm welcome by the front staff, made us feel immediately beautiful and confident that we have made the right choice to visit Dr. Athanasiou. From the first moment, we felt that we were dealing with real professionals. Dr. Vasilios Athanasiou made it clear from the beginning that he wants us to have a child from the first attempt.

Having 4 failed IVF attempts in the past (at a different clinic), our level of confidence was extremely low and it was difficult to believe that we could reach pregnancy from the first attempt. Dr. Athanasiou from the very first meeting told us that he could not do magic, but he can do science. We followed his instructions to the fullest and he gave us confidence that we will soon have a child. And the miracle happened… I got pregnant on the 1st attempt. Today our son is three months old, healthy and happy. We want to thank the entire staff of the IVF Athens Center. They are all extremely skilled, friendly, supportive, and professional.

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