Thankful Parents

Stephanie – Australia

I have just recently used IVF Athens Centre to do a round of IVF using a donor egg. Im currently in my TWW. We decided to use them, knowing another couple were happy with their clinic.

I have found their service to be fantastic & such a better experience than I have had previously in Australia. (Had 3 failed IVF rounds in Australia using my own eggs). Prior to coming to Greece, I used a well known IVF clinic in Melbourne. I found the process to be not very personable & really just felt like a number. I would see my FS in Melbourne at the start of the IVF round & only after it failed! I felt the FS really didnt remember who I was at my subsequent appointments, & I would therefore need to refresh the FS memory on things (even though the FS is well regarded in the IVF field). Whereas with Dr Athanassiou (of IVF Centre); he was there for every part of the process.

He & his team are very professional. They also provide you with a Client Liason Officer. This meant that any question we had, Konstantina the CLO; ensured to get us the answer immediately.

Highly recommend this clinic.

Source : bubhub