Thankful Parents

Marie – UK

I will tell you my experience with IVF Athens Center. Both me and my partner live and work in the UK and after trying to conceive for 1 ½ year IVF was recommended . Searching a lot for an IVF clinics both in the UK and abroad (we were very disappointed with the NHS and private care in the UK for different reasons ),a friend of mine recommended IVF Athens Center . After our first meeting with Dr Athanassiou and after explaining everything to us costs, procedures, medication, timeline etc. we decided to proceed with the IVF treatment ASAP.

We were impressed not only with the doctor’s professionalism but also with his straightforward approach. We had clear guidelines from the beginning and the staff was very helpful and well- informed. Another thing that made a difference for us was that our doctor and everyone at the clinic were so positive it helped me to relax. So I truly understand when you are saying that you felt relaxed .Now I am 20 weeks pregnant with twins and I am over the moon about it .

I am receiving antenatal care from Dr Athanassiou and his team and I am planning to give birth in Greece. Most importantly you need to stay positive!