Thankful Parents

Maria – Greece, Athens, Pallini

I have a six months baby thanks to Dr Athanasiou and his great team!!! First of all I would like to tell you that before I visit Dr Athanasiou of IVF Athens Center, I had visited several doctors in Athens and I had done 2 unsuccessful circles of ivf in another center.

When I visit the IVF Athens Center I was really disappointed and afraid that my dream to become mother will never come true. Dr Athanasiou was really honest with me, he told me about the percentage of success according to my age, but he promise that he and his team would do the best. I forgot to mention that in that period I was living in Evros in the northeast of Greece and I had to fly in Athens for every session. At first everything seemed so difficult and I express my worries in Dr Athanasiou, but he replied ”don’t worry, trust me, we will make it”. So I did, I trusted him and despite the objective difficulties and my worries, everything worked more than perfect… As a result today I am holding in my arms my baby.

From my experience I reassure you that Dr Athanasiou is, first of all a man you can trust and secondly a friend you need!

I wish you the best!

Source: bubhub