Thankful Parents

G&E – Florida – USA

My husband and I live in the United States. During the last several years we went through multiple miscarriages. We finally decided to travel to Greece for IVF. We went through 3 rounds of IVF and PGD with another doctor which produced no results. Therefore, we decided to change doctors and contacted Dr. Athanassiou at IVF Athens Center, and ecstatic we did so. From the beginning, we were treated differently than what we were used to from the past. The people at IAC are incredibly helpful, understanding and sympathetic. Every person we came in contact with treated us and cared for us in a manner that we were not used to. We set up Skype appointments with the doctor and staff. They promptly responded to our emails and addressed all of our questions and concerns.

Outstanding and exceptionally terrific is the Chief Listening Officer, Ms. Konstantina. We had been through a lot before we came to IAC, and had a lot of concerns, questions, anxiety and apprehension. However, no matter how much we pressured this wonderful and kind lady, she was always eager and willing to assist us. She is truly an angel. The level of support and consideration she showed us is unparalleled. We spoke late at night, on the weekends, and she never wavered. She assisted us with the medications. She requested our medical file for both my husband and myself. She was the liaison between us and the medical staff. Although we have a 7 hour time difference between Florida, USA and Greece, we would receive call-backs, set-up appointments or receive answers to our emails late into the evening Greek time. They really went above and beyond to take care of us.

The medical staff is beyond reproach. The entire clinic made us feel as a unique couple with a unique issue. We never felt as being treated “the same as every other couple”. The protocol, the medications, the blood work, and other examinations were all tailored to us and our unique issue. One of their midwives even came to see us while I was in the hospital all day receiving a special infusion prior to the embryo transfer. It’s was very unexpected, but so incredibly appreciated.

They consulted a geneticist and a hematologist, they examined our medical history, they addressed our individual medical issues and found the best course of treatment specifically created and tailored for us. And of course, Ms. Konstantina was in the middle of all of it. She conveyed all the information and the needs of the medical staff; and she did it in perfect English. Nothing was left to chance, nothing lost in translation. They ordered preliminary labs and other testing for me and my husband. Our doctors here in the United States wrote the prescriptions and we had the tests performed and forwarded to Ms. Konstantina for the medical staff’s review. They inspected, reviewed and examined us as individuals in order to give us the best gift we were hoping for, a child.

Distinguished from the rest is Dr. Athanassiou. As the “master conductor” we are grateful to him for orchestrating and putting together the “perfect team”. He showed his true concern for us when he employed the team of advisors and consultants to address our individual issue. He is a remarkable doctor. He is friendly, kind and eager to answer our questions. He never made us feel rushed and always took the time to respond to each and every one of our questions. He is a true professional and has a sense of humor as well.

In conclusion, the entire staff is friendly, kind, understanding, and professional. They made us feel very welcome. They were all very attentive to us and gave us the best gift possible…..twins! We are currently 11 weeks pregnant and everything is going well. Please, do not go anywhere else. Dr. Athanasiou, Ms. Konstantina, and staff, we thank you from the bottom of our hearts. IAC, you are the best!