Thankful Parents

Eirini – Greece

I have a rare translocation of chromosomes that drastically reduce the chances of producing good quality eggs at my age (over 40). I had already tried and failed 7 times using donor eggs but was pleasantly surprised to get pregnant after the first attempt at IVF Athens Center.

I found Dr Athanassiou very methodic, honest and effective. I felt that my treatment was of very good value as it was the only successful one and I am currently 6 months pregnant. I had an excellent experience and would highly recommend.

Both my husband and I are medical doctors, we were introduced to Dr Athanassiou by a gynaecologist friend to whom were are so grateful.

Our global experience with Dr Athanassiou and his team is excellent. He has a very human touch, professionalism, perfect organisation and step by step help all the way that led to success!