Thankful Parents

Christine – France

I am a 40-year old woman and I quote my own personal story about the sensitive issue of maternity.

Trying to get pregnant for a long time, I decided to go to a public maternity clinic in Athens to investigate my infertility problem. After having a hysterosalpingography I was put through two cycles of insemination, with negative result.

In order to investigate further the problem, I visited a well-known IVF center in Athens. I was met twice with the chief gynecologist and I left running!! I had the feeling that I was in a big supermarket to shop, not to an infertility medical center.

Being a successful professional my desire to have a child preyed constantly on my mind.

Somebody introduced me Dr. Vassilis Athanasiou as an infertility expert with remarkable experience and similar successes. I wouldn’t give up, I’d have another try, I thought, maybe I could finally have a child.

So I visited IVF Athens Center. My first impression was the best possible, I was hoping it would not change later: smiling faces ready to welcome and serve you, personal touch…

I was lucky to meet Dr. Vassilis Athanassiou, who greeted me with his warm smile and gave me enough of his precious time to listen to my problem and to consult me accordingly. I trusted him from the very first moment; I saw the man and the doctor who, unfortunately, I hadn’t found in previous clinics. We started with mild treatments. Indeed, after a series of treatments, my dream came true, without even having an IVF… I got pregnant after conceiving normally!!! Nine months later my baby girl, Maria, was born. Seeing her, I feel grateful to the Man and, then, the Doctor who brought her to life.