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IVF Athens Center applies EmbryoScope®

Keeping up to date with all major developments in assisted reproduction, IVF Athens Center has adopted an innovative incubation and monitoring system for embryos: the last-generation EmbryoScope®.

EmbryoScope® is a cutting-edge embryo incubator that can simultaneously monitor the evolution of up to 240 embryos, drawing critical information on their growth rate and dynamics.

Real-time images of the embryos paired with the insight of our experienced embryologists and the specialized embryoscope’s software form a novel approach to the priceless trip to parenthood, providing absolutely precise information on the development of each embryo.

Another embryoscope’s important advantage is that it offers the embryos unchanging environmental conditions. Embryos remain in the embryoscope throughout their five-day stay and incubation, thus any possible fluctuations that could happen during their scheduled examination by embryologists are avoided.

Therefore EmbryoScope® brings a series of benefits:

  1. A high-end, closed, dry furnace, which simulates the human uterus,
  2. Information on the growth dynamics of embryos through the continuous and uninterrupted acquisition of relevant data,
  3. Ensuring set conditions of the microenvironment in which embryos develop.

Higher Success Rates and More Better-Quality Embryos


Due to the aforementioned advantages, a multitude of scientific studies internationally has concluded that clinical pregnancies with the use of EmbryoScope® show a significant 15-20% increase, in addition to the high rates of positive clinical results in IVF Athens Center.

Except for surging success rates and reducing pregnancy time, choosing the most appropriate embryo for transfer also leads to lower rates in automatic miscarriage or palpitations as well as to more embryos of better quality, which can be used for both embryo transfer and cryopreservation for future use.

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