Thankful Parents

Announcement of operation modification of IVF Athens Center

With a strong sense of social responsibility, it is our strong belief that we should contribute to the efforts for containment of COVID-19, assessing the new scientific data on a daily basis.

Urged by this, we have decided to join forces with our country’s social policy and adjust the operation of our Center to this unique and without precedent situation.

Since the coronavirus spreads asymptomatically, an individual could be a carrier who can spread it without knowing. Due to the impossibility of testing the entire population for this new virus, and in order to avoid crowding of the general population and more specifically, of the individuals who belong to high-risk groups, we have decided to limit the operation of our Center until end of March 2020.

We advise our patients to participate in and contribute to the self-containment that is imposed by the public health needs, since this is the policy that helps fight the virus. Accordingly, we ask our patients kindly to have a consultation through telephone communication or online (via E-mail /Skype), if that is feasible.

In parallel, we have decided not to proceed to new IVF cycles in the specific time and to operate with security personnel, ensuring in this way on the one hand, the health and safety of the women who are already in pregnancy and have to proceed to the required tests for the embryo/s’ healthy growth. On the other hand, the health of those women who wish to proceed to pregnancy should be respected and safeguarded.

There is no need to panic but also the current situation must not be underestimated.

We are always by your side for any query, information or advice.

  • Let’s all join our forces for the common good, and
  • Let’s stay home!

We thank you for your appreciation and understanding.