IVF Athens Center

“Where Nature Meets Science”

Hope is Born Here



  • Thousands of couples have already experienced the miracle of birth with our help
  • More than 3000 children confirm the effectiveness of our methods
  • 70% successful attempts of pregnancy and more than 55% childbirths on the first attempt in women under 35 years old
  • 20% achieved pregnancies in women aged 39-44 years old when the corresponding international rate is only 11%




  • We led to the first births in Greece after Vitrification of Blastocysts
  • We had the first pregnancy in Greece after the administration of innovative pharmaceutical preparation
  • We achieved the first pregnancy worldwide of a woman with achondroplasia (nanism) after a pre-implantation genetic diagnosis and cryopreservation of healthy blastocysts.
  • We attained top rates in achieving pregnancies due to the innovative system of microscopic monitoring of embryos we apply




Committed to the strict application of the international quality standards ISO as well as the law 3305/2005 concerning Assisted Reproduction, we ensure the easy traceability and the precise identification of the genetic samples following strict procedures of their testing, conservation, storage and protection. At the same time the constant laboratory quality testing, the use of certified (with CE) consumables, the presence of special monitoring systems of the correct operation of the machines and the lab conditions guarantee extra confidence and safety to both us and the couples that rely on us.




It is no wonder that the IVF Athens Center is the only center in South Europe that has been selected by ‘’Cook’’ of Ireland for the training of foreign doctors and embryologists on the medical and embryological techniques we apply. This international recognition is nothing more than the confirmation of our reliability and commitment in the provision of high quality services.


Why The IVF Athens Center

IVF Athens Center

    • For the many years of experience in Greece and abroad
    • For the continuous high success rates
    • Because each couple is unique for us
    • For the constant and continuous implementation of ISO standards
    • Because the newest, most approved and innovative therapeutic and laboratory techniques are adopted and implemented directly

Our Doctor

Dr. Vasilios Athanasiou

Dr. Vasileios Athanasiou, Obstetrician – Gynaecologist Surgeon, graduated from the Athens Medical School and specialized in Ob & Gyn in the University Clinic of the Alexandra Hospital, Athens. He obtained his Ph.D in Ioannina Medical School in 1994, where he completed and presented his PH.D.Thesis regarding cervical neoplasia.
He is specialized in Surgical Endoscopy & Assisted Reproduction at the following Hospitals:
1.Hôpital Cantonal de Fribourg (Switzerland)
2.Hôpital Universitaire de Genève HUG (Switzerland)
3.Centre Européen de Formation Pratique et de la Chirurgie Endoscopique – Perigeux (France)
4.Monash University – Melbourne (Australia)

We Are There For You


We are committed to the developments of science. Our duty is the incomparable respect to the infertile couple. We are proud that so far more than 3,000 children have been born as a result of our efforts!


Our Best Reward